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Hello to some new branding!

Hello to some new branding!


For our brand refresh, we are taking it back a little RETRO.

You know, like back to a time when you could work just one job and make a living wage. Remember that time?

Nope. Me neither.

I’m a millennial though, so I’m always used to hustling.

Hello to some new branding!

I can’t fix the system that is working against you, but I can help you with your side hustle!

Are you currently working a full-time job and trying to start your own business on the side?

Or maybe you currently don’t have a job but are looking to generate extra income for your family?

Whatever your story is, as long as you want to make a change in your life, I can help you.

Keep reading below to find out how ⤵️

Before I can help you, though, I need to make sure we are aligned and talking about the same thing.

I would hate for us to spend months building an online friendship just to discover we aren’t the right fit.

Hey, I’m not for everyone. I’m not mad!

If you are interested in learning more about how I paid myself six months of maternity leave, then I encourage you to click the button below to read on.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be pregnant or wanting a kid to appreciate the story. It is more about how I created immense flexibility in my life.

Ok. Do I have you convinced yet? 


Don’t want the story and just want my services?

Straight to the point. You Got It… No Fun Here!


What do you need help with in your business?

Launching my Shopify Store

Do you feel overwhelmed by the process of launching your Shopify store or just want some extra step-by-step guidance?


Making More Sales

Have you already launched your online store but you want more sales? We have got a proven system just for you!


Getting Feedback

Are you unsure what you need to change on your site or in your marketing to get more sales? Get a store review!



Elle McCann, owner and designer of Curious Themes web development studio, creates online classes that cover how to launch and grow Shopify stores quickly. She has been listed as a Shopify Expert for over eight years and in that time has created over 170+ Shopify stores.

Elle posts weekly videos on her YouTube channel that currently has over 42,000 subscribers and is growing fast.