My Favorite Resources to Run your Shopify Store

I've been listed as a Shopify Expert for 11 years now. In that time I've built 190+ Shopify stores and launched 6 of my own online stores. These are my favorite resources that I use for all my stores and my client's stores.

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Please Note: Some of the items below are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support my business and allows me to continue to make free videos, resources and guides like this. Thank you for the support!


My Favorite Shopify Apps


Photo & Video Reviews

Automated reviews app that sends request emails to your customers after their purchase and displays the reviews in many different locations on your site and Google Sales Channel.


Automated Store Chatbot

Ai powered chatbot for your store that instantly answers customer's questions on your site, email and social media for you.

Referral Candy

Affiliate Program

Referral program to turn your customers into brand ambassadors for you by creating an affiliate program to reward them when they share your products online.


Store Upsells

Increase your Average Order Value by upselling your customers on additional products they may be interested in on the Thank You page.


Product Page Upsells

Offer "Frequently Bought Together" on the Product page and other key areas of your site so that customers can easily buy similar items that they may be interested in.


Store Pop-ups & Promotions

Promote your email newsletter, SMS program and other seasonal promotions by highlighting them boldly on your store with pop-ups.


40+ App Functions Combined

Popular marketing functionality and performance tracking all combined into one monthly app to grow your store sales.

Optimize your Shopify Store for More Sales!


This guide will help you clean up your Shopify store and identify any missed opportunities on your site that you can improve for more sales. Let's review your systems to save you time & money!


My Favorite Store Services


Print on Demand Printer

Create designs and get them printed onto products and fulfilled for you with Print on Demand products that are created only once they are ordered online. 


Dropshipping Product Marketplace

Dropshipping products from the US and EU so it is a faster shipping time while still being a high quality vetted product.


Easy Product Photos

Online mockup generator that can be used for product photos and social media images and videos to promote your store.


Online Design Editor

Online design software to create any designs you need for your business: logos, product designs, social media graphics and videos, etc.


Store SEO Optimization

Finding the right keywords for your store and focusing on optimizing your store for higher ranking in the search engines.

Brand Featured

Press for your Store

Get press for your business and be featured in 100+ blogs to increase your website ranking and add social proof to your store.

Creative Market

Design & Mockup Marketplace

Buy fonts, illustrations, social templates and designs to create your dream products and promote your business.


Online Freelancers

Hire contractors to help with different aspects of launching or growing your online store.


Shopify Experts Agency

Large agency capable of handling a variety of store projects and sizes with great timelines and pricing.

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My Favorite YouTube Products

You don’t need fancy equipment to start creating great YouTube videos!

However, you can over time upgrade your equipment to get better quality videos. Here are a few of my favorite products and software I have personally used and recommend.

Canon EOS M50

DSLR Camera- $679

Great starter camera with all the functionality youneed to record in 4K video. Has great auto focuscapabilities making it easy to record yourself.

Sensyne 74"

Camera Tripod- $36.99

Lightweight and adjusts to a wide range of heights. Works with most cameras and smartphones.

3 Softbox Kit

Lighting Set- $179

Easy to setup and comes with carrying case for easy storage. With three lights it lets you fully control the lighting in the room.

Portable Phone Teleprompter

Teleprompter- $149

Attaches to a DSLR camera and projects the script from your phone. Must download a free app to use.

Rode Camera Mic

Directional Mic- $96

Attaches to a DSLR camera or tripod and plugs into your camera to pic up clear sound especially when you are filming yourself.

Blue Yeti

USB Microphone- $89.99

Desktop mic great for sit down style videos and podcasts with four different sound direction options.

Lavalier Microphone

Clip Mic- $14.95

Clips on to clothing and can plug into any camera or phone. Sleek design makes it more hidden while still recording great audio.

Gling Ai

Video Editing Software- $15 monthly

Fast AI video editor that saves time by cutting out all your mistakes, pauses and re-records.


Video Editing software- $16 monthly

Online video editing software for editing your video and adding effects like captions, graphics and sound effects. Can also resize your video for social media.


YouTube insights- $5 monthly

Performance software that connects with your YouTube channel to give helpful insights with AI on optimizing your channel for more views.