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Steal this Marketing Trick for your Shopify Store

Steal this Marketing Trick for your Shopify Store

If you run a Shopify store and you've marveled at the viral phenomenon of Stanley tumblers, you're not alone. Their magnetic presence across social media and in big box stores has left many wondering how to replicate even a fraction of their success.

But what if I told you that you can emulate part of Stanley’s strategy in just a few minutes and without breaking the bank?

The secret lies in a simple influencer marketing hack — but it is not what you think.

Let’s get into it. Watch the Video ๐Ÿ‘‡


Why is Influencer Marketing Important for Shopify Stores?

You’ve probably heard the term “influencer marketing” overused, and it might even make you cringe. But I am not talking about reaching out to popular Instagram accounts and paying them to promote your products. This solution is a lot easier and faster to set up.

But why does influencer marketing matter in the first place?


Influencer Marketing Builds Social Proof for Shopify Stores

Influencer marketing is an excellent tool for creating social proof. "Social proof" refers to customer testimonials, reviews, ratings, endorsements from influencers, social media posts, likes, shares, follower counts, and more. Essentially, it's about demonstrating that real people have genuinely used, enjoyed, or benefited from your product.

By showcasing your products through influencers, you demonstrate their value and build credibility and trust with potential customers. This social proof can significantly influence purchasing decisions, leading to increased sales for your Shopify store.


Influencer Marketing Generates User-Generated Content For Shopify Stores

Influencer marketing also helps you leverage user-generated content (UGC). When influencers showcase your products, they create authentic content that resonates with their audience, which can be repurposed across your marketing channels. Instead of asking people to buy your product, you can let your customers speak for you, amplifying your brand's message and driving engagement.


Emulate Stanley's Success with a Shopify Referral Program

So, what does influencer marketing have to do with Stanley’s marketing strategy?

With tons of people excited to show off their tumbler collections, Stanley is great at naturally turning its customers into brand ambassadors. Seeing what other people have creates a sense of FOMO and makes you interested in buying more for yourself.

So, you should encourage people to talk about and share your product online. This will increase awareness and desire for it. But how do you incentivize people to do this?

Stanley does this with a Shopify referral program through the Referral Candy app — and you can too.


Transform Your Shopify Store with the Referral Candy App

Referral Candy is the actual app that Stanley uses for their Shopify referral program.

Referral Candy simplifies the process of incentivizing your customers to become brand advocates. You can turn satisfied customers into loyal promoters by offering discounts or commissions for sharing your products. This boosts brand awareness and drives sales without the upfront costs associated with traditional influencer marketing.


How to Create a Shopify Referral Program with Referral Candy

Setting up a referral program with Referral Candy is quick and straightforward.

Once you start a program, users sign up to become affiliates and generate a unique URL to share online. When someone clicks on that link and purchases your product from that link, the user gets a small commission on the sale.

The great part is they would probably share the product anyway, but now they get an incentive to share. It saves you from paying for influencer marketing upfront or dealing with influencers directly. You only pay a commission after you’ve made a sale, and everything is run through the Shopify platform.


Tips to Supercharge Your Shopify Referral Program

To ensure the success of your referral program, you need to keep it at the top of your customers' minds. You’ll want to make sure they're regularly sharing it and staying active in the program.

To maintain engagement and drive participation, create ongoing emails like an email nurture sequence and regularly promote the program across your social media channels as a helpful reminder. Additionally, leveraging user-generated content from your brand ambassadors can further enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Start Boosting Your Shopify Sales Today

With the Referral Candy app, you have the tools to supercharge your Shopify store's growth. By harnessing the power of influencer marketing and implementing a referral program, you can increase sales, build brand loyalty, and drive long-term success for your business without any hassle or upfront investment.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your marketing strategy and quickly increase your sales. Get started with Referral Candy today!

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