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Your Shopify About Us Page is SUPER Important

Your "About Us" page is actually one of the most visited pages on your site! However, a lot of times it is the most looked over when designing your Shopify store. So in this Shopify Tips video we are going over how to create an about us page for your Shopify store that will help convert into more sales!

Learn our top tips for turning your Shopify About Us Page into a main converting page for your site by sharing your story and connecting with the customer. We will teach you how to convert more sales with a well crafted About Us Page that gets potential customers excited about your brand.



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A lot of times your "About" page is actually one of your top visited pages on your site. So you want to make sure that it is properly telling about your brand and your products and selling for you. So in this video, we're going to go over how to do just that.

When you go and look at your analytics for your eCommerce store, so many times the "About Us" page is typically around the top five pages for your site. And that's because a lot of times people want to know more about the brand or the owners behind the brand.

A lot of times though this is one of the most overlooked pages when it comes to building out your site. And it's either something like it's, two sentences long about the owner of the store or it's like a huge life story. And it fills up the page so you are constantly scrolling down the page.

Neither of these are beneficial.

So I want to give you some tips for how to actually make your "About" page work really great and become a huge sales point for your store.


Tip #1- Your Why

My first tip is to make sure that you're sharing your why on your "About" page.

Why did you start this business? Why were you motivated to sell these products? Why did you create this design? What is it behind your business that is why that you're doing what you're doing?

This is so important because a lot of times customers, yeah, they may like your product, but they want to know more about why it is that you're doing what you're doing and what it is that you stand for.

Having a mission or a belief system behind your product can be a really motivating factor for getting people to believe more in your brand and your products overall.


Tip #2- Your Customers

My next tip is to make sure that you're actually still talking to your customers on your "About" page.

So you want to know exactly who your customer is and be talking to them on that "About" page copy.

You want to talk to them about what benefits your product resolves and how it can actually help them. Maybe hit on some of the pain points that your potential customer might be having and how your product actually helps resolve that.

Making it not all about me, me, me on the "About" page is really, really important.

You want to make sure, even though it's yes, your about page, you want to make sure that you're still talking to your customers and making them feel like you understand them, their problems, and that you're there to provide solutions.


Tip #3- Your Story

You also, of course, want to tell your story on your "About" page but you want to do so briefly. Don't make it super long. Don't make it, you know, two sentences but I would aim for about one or two paragraphs.

And again, you don't have to tell the life story, maybe just tell what were the moments that led up to you starting the online store.

Maybe it's something like a global pandemic that you lost your job, and you are now creating income for yourself through an online store, or maybe it was a realization moment that you wanted to create a specific product to solve that pain point for the customer.

Whatever your story is, make sure that you're sharing that and you're doing it concisely.


Tip #4- Your Photo

You also want to make sure that you're adding a photo in of you or behind the scenes of the business, or even a video. Anything like that, that just shows a little bit more transparency of behind the business is going to be really great and add some credibility points as well.


Tip #5- Your Next Steps

Finally, on your "About" page, you want to showcase the next steps that you want that person who's reading the "About" page copy to actually take next.

So that could be highlighting either the owner's favorite products. So you could highlight your favorite products there that they can easily shop or highlighting your different social media platforms that you want them to follow you on.

Maybe including your Instagram feed, where you post more behind the scenes of your business, anything like that, that's the next step that you want them to take once they finish reading your "About" page copy is really great.

And again, it helps break up the page a little bit and make it a little bit more scannable whenever you're adding in other images or products or different social media feeds as well.

You want to make sure overall that your "About" page is scannable and really enjoyable to read. And again, relates very closely to the customer so that they leave reading the "About" page on your site really understanding who you are as a owner of the brand, understanding your products and being excited to support you as a business.

So go look at your "About" page now and think about which of these tips you can actually add into your "About" page today so that you can make it into more of a sales page for your store.

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