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Curious Themes- You Are Creating Facebook Ads WRONG

You Are Creating Facebook Ads WRONG!

You are honestly probably running your Facebook ads wrong and it’s costing you money and wasting your time. I hear all the time people saying “Facebook ads are dead” now but that’s not true and instead you just need to change up your strategy.

So let’s talk about the #1 thing you need to change in your ads strategy to start seeing more traffic and sales from your ads.


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eCom Marketing Method online course

When you look at some of the biggest eCommerce brands on the Shopify platform you start to notice one really big trend.

They all have name and brand recognition.

So you probably are thinking now “ugh must be easy for them… if I was that well known of course I would be making thousands of sales per day.”

And honestly you aren’t wrong… however you are missing a key important factor which is that they didn’t start that way either.

They spent time and money building up that brand recognition and you need to do the same too.

But don’t worry you don’t have to spend millions on a Superbowl commercial to get your name out there. You can actually start with just $10 per day.


The Goal

And by spending just $10 a day you will start to build up your know, like and trust factor with your ideal customers so they are ready to buy from you the next time they see your ads.


The Current Ads Problem

Ok so for all my visual learners out there I want you to think about it like this.

Let’s say you are going on a first date with a brand new person you just met online.

You know very little about them and are excited to go on the date to see if it is a good fit.

Well instantly a few minutes into the date they ask you to marry them.

Kinda jarring right?

Maybe there were some great connections and conversations and who knows maybe some people say yes.

But I’m going to guess that a lot of people are going to say “hold up I need to get to know you more”.

The same is true for eCommerce.



Looking at Ads Differently

You are showing them an ad hoping they buy your product and turn into a raving fan but for a lot of consumers they need to know who you are and more about your product first.

So showing them an ad right away to purchase is just going to be a waste of your money and everyone’s time.

Instead if you built out connections with them first and explained your product benefits better then they will be more likely to convert into a sale.

Ok so what does this look like when you are creating your ads strategy?



Our Goal with Paid Ads

Well I’m so glad that you asked because I want to show you how I’m building this out for my new Shopify store and how you can get it setup and running for your store too.

But before we dive into my ad strategy more, I want to discuss one more crucial thing to think about when you are running paid ads.

And that’s Retention or your Customer Lifetime Value.

Because yeah it’s great to get one sale from a new customer but just imagine how it would change your business and your life to actually have them purchase from you multiple times every year.

And that brings me to the sponsor of today’s video, Yotpo Subscriptions.


Boosting Retention with Subscriptions

Yotpo has been a trusted Shopify app partner since 2011 and I’ve been using their Reviews and Loyalty apps for years now on my stores and my client’s Shopify stores. They recently released a new app called Yotpo Subscriptions.

Yotpo Subscriptions makes it easy for you to quickly generate recurring revenue for your business by offering subscriptions of your products.

So instead of purchasing from you one time you can actually get your customers to sign up for a subscription of your products and automate their future orders.

That means that you get the freedom of more predictable revenue in your business but it doesn’t add more time for customer support because your customers can manage it themselves.

You can offer subscriptions on your site for products that are refillable like skincare or coffee so that customers are always stocked and never run out.

Or you can create a completely unique product like a “Jewelry of the Month Club” or a curated seasonal product box so they are excited to see which product is delivered next.

An added plus is that Yotpo Subscriptions has a completely native integration to Shopify, which makes the checkout process seamless for your customers and helps keep your conversion rates high!

To get started all you have to do is select your products and plans, apply your branding, and add your new subscriptions offering to your product pages. And there you have it, you are all setup and ready to start selling in just 8 minutes.

Just click this link to install the app. Oh, and I forgot to mention it’s completely free to start with and there are no monthly fees, so why not get started today creating more recurring revenue for your store.


Our Ads Structure

Now that your store is ready to go and optimized for more sales let’s talk about how we are structuring out our ads now.

Because remember we aren’t instantly showing them a conversion ad to buy our products… you know remember that whole first date analogy?

When you set up a Facebook ad with the goal objective of “conversions” it is going to try and just show your ad to the people the most likely to click to your site and purchase.

Facebook knows this by analyzing the consumers buying habits and their recent engagement with other ads on the platform. Which means that Facebook charges a higher cost to run this type of ad.

But just like we talked about before a great way to get someone to purchase from an ad is to already have them warmed up to your brand first.

So instead of seeing your ad and just scrolling on by they instead think “oh yeah I saw that before, what’s included in this?” and they click to your website.


Focusing on Engagement & Social Proof

To set this up and keep our ads cost lower we are going to use the campaign objective of “Engagement” and focus on getting some social proof and eyeballs on our brand.

So let’s break down the customer’s journey now to see exactly how these ads fit into it.

First we are going to create a Facebook post with a captivating and colorful image, some language that our ideal customer would use as well as some benefits that our products have.

Also don’t forget to still include a call to action in the copy because some people will still purchase from this first ad.

Now we are going to turn this post on our page into an engagement ad by selecting the post to use instead of creating a new ad.

This can also be a great way to test out different images and messaging and see what resonates the most with your audience.

With the campaign objective of “Engagement”, Facebook is going to show this ad to the people most likely to like or comment on it which means that you will start getting some social proof on the ad.

This is exactly what we want!

Because this allows us to do two things...


Engagement Ad Benefits

First off we can now create a new Saved Audience in our Facebook Ads Manager for people who have engaged with our Facebook or Instagram page.

This is step two in the strategy because now they are a warmer audience and they are more likely to buy from us if we show them a conversion ad next.


Using the Social Proof

Also this let’s us take the engagement ad post that now has some social proof on it and turn it into a Conversion Ad.

All you have to do is choose to use an existing ad instead of creating a new one when setting up your conversion ads and boom just like that you have all that awesome social proof ready to go!

You can start creating engagement ads quickly for just $10 a day so that you can start building up your warm audience and brand recognition on Facebook.

Then just show the more expensive conversion ads only to your warm audience who has either engaged with your Facebook and Instagram pages, joined your email newsletter list or went to your site already and didn’t purchase.


The Whole Marketing System

If you want to see more of the step-by-step setup for running your ads and how to analyze what’s working or not then check out my online course eCom Marketing Method which goes into way more detail and step-by-step instructions.

Because paid ads are just one part of building out your store’s entire marketing system.

And remember once you get them to purchase from you once that is only the first step which is why it can be so helpful to start building out recurring revenue streams like with Yotpo Subscriptions.

And if you are looking for more eCommerce strategy and tips be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out when I upload new videos.

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