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CEO Mindset Tips for Entrepreneurs

CEO Mindset Tips for Entrepreneurs

I’m not going to lie, starting a business is tough whether it is an online business or a local business.

You will fail at some point. It’s going to happen so just be prepared.

But you will 100% fail if you don’t have the right mindset about your business and as an entrepreneur.

So let’s talk about my top 3 mindset tips to help your business succeed.



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Ok let’s start off first with a pretty sad and alarming statistic.

90% of online businesses fail within their first year. 90 percent!

A lot of that I think is due to lack of planning and not being able to push through failures.

I just celebrated my 10 year business anniversary in May and I literally can’t even remember or count all the times that I have failed.

Like seriously… but it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you learn from that failure and move forward with new insight.

So how do you make sure you are part of the 10% that succeed?

Honestly it’s all about your mindset so I’m going to share my favorite three mindset shifts that have helped me grow my business the last 10 years.

My first mindset shift is one I constantly have to remind myself at least once a week and I actually have a post-it note on my computer monitor that says it.

It is “Progress not Perfection”.

We can get so caught up trying to make everything just perfect before we launch our website, run a new Facebook ad or announce a new product.

But it is better to launch something that is 95% done and get feedback from your audience then spend weeks working on the last 5%.

So just to clarify I’m not saying to put crap out in the world but ask yourself if that last 5% honestly matters.

I can’t tell you how many times I have worked with clients one-on-one and I would get the silliest requests like: make my logo 5% bigger or make the font size 14px instead of 13px.

These small stylistic changes don’t matter.

No one is going to be on your cart page about to purchase and then decide that your logo is too small and if it was 5% bigger they would purchase but instead they leave the site.

Like seriously that’s not happening so why waste your time worrying about small things like that and instead focus on the most important parts like really dialing in your product page.

I think too much emphasis is put on the “Hustle” as an entrepreneur but instead of working so hard all the time just work smarter.

So if you find yourself taking a while to get something launched ask yourself if it really matters or if you can go ahead and launch it now and finalize the last details later.

That actually relates a lot to the second mindset shift you need to make so let’s go ahead and move onto that now.

The second mindset shift is to be the pilot and not the flight attendant.

I’m always a sucker for analogies and I absolutely love this one because it just makes it so clear.

You need to be the pilot of your business. Your #1 focus is on flying the plane to the correct destination, making sure it gets there on time and that you get there safely.

You will never see the pilot in the back of the plane serving drinks and handing out peanuts like the flight attendants because their job has bigger priorities.

I see this happen all the time with entrepreneurs though.

Instead of focusing on the big picture strategy and goals they are putting out every little fire that comes up, responding to every email an hour after it comes in and spending hours a day on social media.

Yes if you are running your business yourself without a team these are all tasks that need to get done however they don’t have to get done first.

When I plan my day out I map out what three tasks are the most important for me to get done for the day and I start with those first.

Sometimes I knock those out and can move on to other things on my list but this way if I only get these three items done for the day I will still feel accomplished and be moving my business forward.

So make sure that you are always working on your most important tasks first for the day and be the pilot of your business.

Ok so my final mindset shift is a powerful mantra that I also have as a post-it note on my desk and it’s a quote. “I believe I can so I will”.

It may sound kinda cheesy at first but it is a powerful affirmation that I think needs repeating to yourself daily.

Because like I said before you will have failures in your business. It is inevitable my friend.

But you can’t let it keep you down and you have to move forward and believe in yourself that you will accomplish your goal next time.

This also applies to your money mindset as well whether it’s hitting your goal of your first $1,000 month or your first $100,000 year.

If you go into it thinking that you aren’t going to succeed, that your ads will suck and you will lose money or that no one will buy from you then you are going in with a losing mindset.

You need to have a winning mindset to make it past any failures that come your way.

By having this belief in yourself you are already setting yourself up for success compared to so many other entrepreneurs.

So say it with me now “I believe I can, so I will”

I would love to hear what mindset shift resonated the most with you and any other mindset tips you have to share so make sure to comment below and let us know.

Also if you have got your mindset dialed in and you are ready to grow your business then check out my top growth strategies for eCommerce businesses in this playlist over here.

Thanks as always for watching and see you in the next video!

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