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#1 Pop-Up App for Shopify Stores

Having an email newsletter list is crucial for your online store. In this video tutorial we are going to show you how to quickly create a pop-up for your Shopify store with Justuno. Sign up for your free 14 day trial here without entering any credit card information:

Justuno is the #1 ranked Shopify pop-up app in the Shopify app store and it only takes 3 minutes to get it up on your site. We are going to show you how to setup two pop-ups in this video: one for new visitors and one for when people are about to leave your site.

It is so important that you reach your ideal customer at the right moment when they come to your online store so you aren't annoying them and getting them to leave your site. You want to make sure you are adding value for your potential customer and not frustrating them on your site.

Click here to sign up for your free Justuno trial and follow along with us:

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