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Curious Themes Facebook Ads Targeting 2021

Facebook Ads Targeting 2021

Targeting a warm audience for your Facebook and Instagram ads will give you the most conversions without spending a bunch of money. However, with the recent Apple iOS 14 update it has become harder to use retargeting to show ads to warm leads. In this video I'm going to show you my favorite way of capturing warm leads for my Facebook ads with custom video audiences!

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Let's face it. Apple's new iOS update has really messed up some Facebook advertising. You really can't target your audience that has already been to your site, but there's a way around it.

So in this video, we're going to talk about how you can still retarget your audience and capture those warm leads. 


How Facebook Targeting Has Changed in 2021

So if you've missed it, just a brief recap, Apple iOS 14 just released as a new update and it now gives people permission or the ability to allow apps, the permission to track them or not.

Of course, once you allow people and ask them if they have permission to be tracked, everyone's going to just say now.

That's kind of what we all thought was going to happen and it has happened. So now you can't actually do a lot of the retargeting that you used to do with your Facebook pixel on your Shopify store.

So because of that, it's really kind of made it harder to target more of your warm leads.

It means that ad costs are going up, and you're not able to see as many analytics in your Facebook dashboard, which really sucks because it's harder to tell if your ads performing well or not.

So while we can't really do too much about the analytics inside of Facebook, we can make sure that we're still targeting a warm audience.

You can't target people specifically that went to your website anymore, just because it's not really collecting a lot of that data because people opted out.

And if you want to hear more about that iOS update, by the way, you can click on the info cards above. I made a whole video about that:

But I don't want to talk about the issue, I'm going to talk about the solution.


Using Facebook Custom Audiences

So the solution for this is to actually target people on the platform itself.

You can do different custom audiences that are based on how people are interacting with your brand on social media.

So you can target people based on their engagement with your Facebook page or your Instagram page. And my favorite, how much of a video that they've watched.

If you were uploading videos to your Facebook or Instagram page, you can actually then target people based on how much of the video that they've watched. So you could say, show this ad and create this audience for anyone that has watched 50% or more of this video.

That can be really helpful because you know then that you're getting people to be very targeted. If they've already watched at least 50% of a video that you've uploaded to your social media accounts, then you know that they're probably most likely your ideal customer. They may be interested in your product and they're a little bit more of a warm lead.

So it would be great then to actually show them an additional ad maybe for the product specifically that you're selling and linking into your product page on your website.


How to Setup Facebook Custom Video Audiences

So to set this up, we are going to go to the “Audiences” area of our Facebook ads manager, which you can get there by clicking on the menu bar here and clicking on audiences. Once you're on this page, just click on “Create Audience” and “Custom Audience” here.

You can see all of the different ways that you can create this audience, but we're going to be selecting video here and hit next. You will then click on this engagement area here and choose what percentage you want to do of a video watch.

So for this example, we can click on people that have watched 50% of our video, or we could even do, you know, 25% or 75% or create separate audiences for those.

Then we'll choose videos and then you will see all of the videos that you have that you have uploaded specifically to Facebook or Instagram.

You do have to upload it. You can't just link out to YouTube for example, but we'll select a couple of different videos that we want to use and then hit confirm.

And you can now see that we have the setup of anyone who's watched at least 50% of either of these four videos. We can set the time period of days watched, name our audience, and also add in a description if you want. And once you've got that set up, you can click “Create Audience”.

Okay, so I hope you found that helpful and that you now have a new way to target people for your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Again, it's not a complete solution because you're still getting a little bit less of your analytic data inside of Facebook, because it's not able to track specifically all the conversions, but you are at least able to have more of a warm lead audience instead of just a cold lead audience.

And you're able to retarget people who at least hopefully already know, like and trust you.

So I would love to hear what your thoughts are on that. Comment below and let me know, are you advertising on Facebook or Instagram or have you moved on to another platform?

I would love to hear more about your advertising experience. And if you're going to be setting up different video retargeting or retargeting for your Facebook and Instagram page.

Also we post videos all about Shopify and how to grow your online store every week. So if you haven't yet make sure to hit that subscribe button below. Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one.

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