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7 eCommerce Copywriting Tips to Increase your Sales

7 eCommerce Copywriting Tips to Increase your Sales

When you are selling your products online you really need to grab the viewer’s attention but you are limited with how you can do that.

They can’t hold the product, test it out or smell it like they could in a physical store.

So you have to sell them on your products by just using your product images, copy and social proof when you are selling online.

In this video I’m going to give you my top 7 tips for how to drastically improve your copywriting skills which will increase your online sales.



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Ok so we’ve got 7 tips in this video but honestly there is no point in doing the other 6 tips if you don’t nail this first one.

Yep it’s really that important. So what is it?

I’ve said it over and over again on this channel and it deserves being repeated 1,000 more times…

Copywriting Tip #1 is to know EXACTLY who your ideal customer is. You need to write copy that resonates with them, and how are you going to do that if you don’t understand who you are talking to?

I want you to really sit down and think about who your ideal customer is because IT CAN NOT BE “EVERYBODY”.

Don’t just think only about the typical stuff like their gender, age, location, martial status and job though.

Go deeper and think about what they really want.

What are their hopes and dreams? What fears or pain points do they have? If they won $1 million dollars today in the lottery, what would they spend it on?

By doing this exercise you can then use this information and apply it to the next 6 tips so do not skip this step even if you may feel a little silly doing it.

Now that you are super clear who your ideal customer is, it’s time to write your copy like you are talking to them directly.

Tip #2 is to not make your product page sound like a spec sheet but to instead talk about the benefits and solutions of your product.

Yes it’s important to know the size and weight of some products and you can totally include that information but don’t make it the main focus.

Think about if you were buying a sweater online and the product description said “Size medium, made from 100% cotton, breathable fabric, machine washable.”

Ok BORING, and now you are relying on the product images alone to sell me on it.

Instead you could make it way more exciting by focusing on the benefits and the solution that it provides. So for example now that copy could be “This sweater is perfect for a fun night out with the girls or a nice evening at home watching Netflix. Wherever you go this sweater will keep you warm but is still super breathable so you are always that right amount of cozy. Plus it’s machine washable so don’t even worry about complicated laundry days. We have got you covered!”

That’s just an example but I think you can easily see the difference on which product description is more enjoyable to read and more likely to make you click Add to Cart.

Ok on to tip #3 now which is don’t go crazy with the “fluff” words.

Don’t get me wrong I love using adjectives in my copy to properly describe something. But you aren’t writing a poem, you are writing a product description.

So instead of using a bunch of adjectives to describe the product think about how you can get the same type of description but be more concise.

An example of this would be when talking about a candle instead of saying “This candle smells great” you could change it to “This fragrant candle”.

It means the same thing but the first example sounds more like a personal opinion because it uses “smells great” and the second is more of a statement.

Tip #4 is about letting your past customers speak for you with social proof.

Of course you as the business owner think your products are great but it’s more impactful to hear what your customers think of your product.

So make sure to include customer testimonials or a reviews app on the product page so it makes your product and brand seem more credible.

Also huge bonus if you have customer photos with your products too! For this I recommend the Loox Shopify app and have a video tutorial on it already that you can watch as well that I will link in the cards above.

Ok so we only have 3 tips left so hang in there with me but first I want to mention if you haven’t already I would love if you like this video and hit subscribe. It really helps my channel out so I can keep making more videos like this one for you.

Now on to tip #5, which is to include in your copy phrasing that helps you build a community around your products or establishes a common enemy that people can rally against.

So that may sound weird at first but I’ve got an example.

Yeti is a popular company that makes coolers and they have a huge community that they have built online where people are collecting their products and want them in all different colors and varieties.

Their coolers are nice and work better than some other options on the market but they are also a lot more expensive than other competitors.

So what makes them have an almost cult like following online? It’s their branding of being part of this community that is active and has adventures.

And they have created this common enemy of staying inside.

They feature brand ambassadors that are skilled outdoorsmen and athletes so it makes you feel like if you use their products as well you are like them.

Having this mission or greater purpose in your copy gives people a sense of belonging and can be a really powerful way to get someone to become a repeat customer and a raving fan.

Tip #6 is to make it less risky to buy from you by offering things like free returns or money back guarantees and highlighting them on the product page.

Especially if it’s a first time customer they have no idea how the process is going to go and the quality of your product. So they are forced to pay you and hope for the best that their order will come fast, be what they were looking for and work correctly.

There are a lot of unknowns for first time customers so if you can ease this worry in any way this can increase your conversions because you seem less risky.

So I encourage you to think about any option like that that you can offer your customers and make sure to showcase it on your product page with different headlines or icons so they can quickly see it.

My final tip in this video is to add a sense of urgency for customers to purchase in your copy but don’t make it fake.

We have all seen those sites that have a countdown timer for 15 minutes to purchase or only 5 left in stock but when you refresh the page it resets and is totally fake.

This is a good way to annoy your customers and by the way people are smarter than you think.

So if you are going to add in some urgency make it real.

You can do this by talking about the viewer’s pain point that your problem solves. See we are still coming back to tip #1 and the importance of knowing your ideal customer.

Ok example time. Let’s say you are selling mattresses, you could use wording like “Buy today and stop waking up with back pain. Finally get a good night's sleep that will make you energized for the day ahead. Because you deserve better sleep.”

Solving a customer’s problem with your product is a really powerful way to give them a personal sense of urgency and highlight your product’s benefits at the same time.

With all these copywriting tips I want you to keep in mind that you want to turn them into a repeat customer and raving fan not just a one time customer.

To do that think about ways to use these tips throughout all your marketing efforts. So on your website and product page but also in your email newsletters, paid ads and social media posts.

This will help you build your brand and a community around your products.

Ok so now that I’ve given you my top copywriting tips, I want you to think about how you can make your product images better to increase your conversions as well.

And you are totally in luck because I already have a video tutorial on product images so click over here to watch that next.

Thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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