I don’t know about you, but I’m a reward-based person.

When I set a goal, I always attach a reward to it like: a champagne toast, a new piece of gym equipment, new pots & pans, etc.

Don’t laugh at my list! We’ve been very into upgrading different home items lately. #upgrades

For me, that helps ground my “why”. So, I bring in 500 orders this month and then I can get a new treadmill.

Yes, the new treadmill is nice. Especially since our current one is falling apart.

But it’s not about the treadmill.

I haven’t run my business day after day for 12 years so that I can buy a new treadmill.

I mean duh, right?
So what is my true “why” then?

My true “why” is to provide for my family and create long lasting experiences together.

Whether that is an amazing trip to Disney World (having breakfast with the Princesses, of course), a first-class ticket to Japan (konnichiwa), a cool new outdoor play set and summer garden.

Or my favorite of all, our slow mornings every single morning, be able to have breakfast together.

You see, it doesn’t always have to be financial based.

For me, having the flexibility to take the morning slow and not start work till 10am, is 100% what fills me up!

That is my “why”. In one word, it is FAMILY.

What is your why?

I want you to really think about this question.

What truly motivates you? Start thinking about the different core pillars in your life, like your family, spirituality, work, and relationships.

What lights you up? Also, what makes you feel off?

Are you immediately noticing a resistance?

For me, I fought for a while with the pillar of work.

I was so used to working 40- to 60-hour weeks and wearing it as a badge of honor.

Oh yes, I was quite the little busy bee.

But that’s just it. I was “busy”. When I trimmed the fat of my business before going on maternity leave, I cut my workload down a bunch.

This was obviously helpful with a new baby and maternity leave, but I felt the resistance.

I prided myself on my work ethic so as soon as I wasn’t working, but I was still being paid, it was WEIRD.


It challenged all my beliefs about work (and money)

Working less also made me realize my success metrics had to change.

I could no longer feel successful by working a bunch of hours.
I was going to be successful by working more strategically in FEWER hours.

That means for me to really lean into my systems. Outsource more projects (like my recent branding redesign) and to stay in my zone of genius as much as possible.

Ok, how is that “why” coming along? Do you have it yet?

If so, write it down and put it somewhere prominent. If you are a visual person, then print out a picture to symbolize it and tape it up all over your house.

You need to remember your why because you need to keep up your motivation.

I’m not going to lie to you. This next part is going to be hard.

You know it’s the actual: start the business, then run the business part.

Want to know one of my biggest pet peeves with online creators?

It’s the “Everything is so easy… get a Lamborghini just like me”.

I feel like I see these videos all the time and my eyes can’t roll fast enough.

Honestly, I’m not the Lamborghini type and as a 33-year-old new mom, I’m probably not their target audience, anyway.

What bugs me about this messaging, though, is saying it will be easy.

Now in 2022, everything is made for convenience and to be easy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my grocery pickup and my quick Amazon orders.

But the things that are truly worth doing, you know, like starting a business and changing your path in life…

Yeah, that’s going to be hard. And it’s going to take some time.

Why lie?

I want to set you up for success and starting a business is hard. Running a business and growing a business is hard.

But I promise you, it can be so worth it.

Whether your goal is to start your business so you can replace your full-time income, or you want to get some extra income to get the roof fixed this summer.

I welcome goals of all sizes.

Want to have your first $1,000 month on your eCommerce store or want to finally hit a 6-figure month? I see you and I want to help.

The last piece of this story is all about math…

But don’t leave because of the math! I promise it will be virtually painless but oh so important to discovering how to make your dreams a reality.

Ready to trust me on this and do some math?

Keep Reading & Do Some Math!

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