Want to run Facebook Ads in 2023 but need help setting it up?

grow your store with paid ads!

I show you how to find your ideal customer online and create an automated ads funnel that brings in more sales while saving you time and money.

Ready For Facebook Ads that ACTUALLY Convert?!?

Stop wasting your time and money trying to figure it out yourself and instead watch me step-by-step create four different advertising campaigns for my Shopify store.

Running successful Facebook Ads has never been easier!

you want tons of sales...

Only problem is... you don't know how to properly run paid ads to your store!

There are 3 main obstacles that are stopping you from having the store sales you want...

Too Overwhelming

You haven't run successful ads before and don't want to waste your precious time or money. You know that getting more qualified traffic to your store will increase your sales but it seems too overwhelming to get started.

Not Enough Time

You are already so busy and don't have time to add one more thing to your list. You feel like you are working constantly to keep everything running and you wish you could clone yourself to get more done.

Too Many Options

You are trying “all the things” to market your store but nothing is changing. You really want more sales in 2023, but you don't know how to stand out from all your online competition and run ads without spending a fortune.

let me introduce myself...

Hey, I'm Elle!

I’ve been listed as a Shopify Expert for a decade and built over 180+ Shopify stores.

I've sadly seen so many eCommerce stores not meet their sales goals because they don't know how to properly run Facebook ads. 

So they just setup some ads and then after a few days give up and claim that Facebook ads don't work for them...

What you need as a small business owner is a repeatable marketing system that you can use year-round on your store.

Plus you need to be able to set up your ads quickly and know exactly how to evaluate what's working and what's not... you need a proven sales strategy!


Running successful Facebook Ads
has never been easier!

When you sign up for the Facebook Ads Crash Course, you'll get...

Step-by-Step Training to Create Facebook Ads that Convert into Sales

  • Module 1: Building out Your Audiences (Valued at $97)
  • Module 2: Setting up Your Ads (Valued at $297)
  • Module 3: Analyzing Your Results (Valued at $197)
  • BONUS: My Paid Ads Swipe File (Valued at $497)

Snag over $1,000 in value... for just $37!

Plus LIFETIME ACCESS to the trainings and all future updates to the course.


Here's What You Get Inside The Crash Course:

Building your Audiences

We get crystal clear on exactly who your audience is and how we can target them directly through ads. This includes setting up your audiences inside the Facebook Ads manager so we can show your ads to the correct people right away.


Follow along step-by-step as we setup four different types of ads that work no matter what your product is! We also go over best practices and how to write your ad copy plus design the best images/video for higher converting ads.

Analyzing your Results

Looking at your campaign results to see what worked and what needs to be improved. We go over the most important metrics and how to test and tweak your ads for better performance without spending a ton of money.

plus a bonus!

My Store Paid Ads Swipe File

Want to know the EXACT ads I'm currently running for my store and what's working and what isn't?

This swipe file shows you my ads breakdown of what is converting well currently and what I'm working on improving.

I'm sharing the ads and the stats!

$497 FREE!


We 100% guarantee that you will love this Course

It should take you only 2-3 hours to watch the training and start implementing for your paid advertising campaigns. So if after 5 Days you feel like you haven't gotten at least 10X the value of your investment ($370 in money making ideas and instructions) We will happily refund your investment in full. All you have to do is email us within the first 5 days of purchase for a full refund and show proof that you tried implementing the course materials for your ads.

Sound fair?


Have a burning question?

what are you waiting for?

Let's start setting up your Facebook Ads today!

Because "winging it" and hoping it all works out is a surefire way to stay stuck and struggling.

Don't waste your time trying to figure it out yourself or piecing together tons of YouTube videos. Get my step-by-step training and follow along as you build your ads out with me!

I walk you through step-by-step everything you need to know to setup and run a successful advertising campaign that brings in more leads and sales to your Shopify store.