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Just Got Easier!

Set Up Your Shopify Store In A Single Weekend… And Start Getting Your First Sales That Week.


Want to launch an online store but don't know how and you don't have a lot of time?

We have got you covered!

With our step-by-step method we will take you through the process of setting up your Shopify store from start to finish. We will cover everything from store preferences, creating products and pages and even designing the store to perfectly match your branding.

You get lifetime access to the course so you can go your own pace and we will be with you along the way.


  • ...Waking up to an inbox where, line after line, you read: YOU HAVE AN ORDER.
  • ...Hearing the Shopify app on your phone making “kaching” sounds all day long.
  • ...Having money constantly going into your bank account -- from a product you’re proud to sell.

That’s exactly what your life can look like, so much sooner (and way more easily) than you think.


You can start the course anytime but how would your business change if you started it today?

This Online Course is for you even if:

This Online Course is for you even if:

This Online Course is for you even if:
  • You’re not at all tech-savvy (and haven’t ever taken an online class)
  • Your laptop is from 2011
  • You’ve never even had a website
  • You cringe at the word “selling.”
  • You don’t have extra money to spend on themes, apps, or other add-on surprises

Enroll Now & Get Instant Access

This course will have you up and running with your very own Shopify store in a weekend. Or, if you have your content, products and product photos ready to go, you can do it in one single day. Start any day you choose.

Only $297 for Lifetime Access!


You have lifetime access, so the course is yours to start and finish any time you want. But why not take action now, and see your first sales this week?







I created this course for small business owners just like you...

Hi I'm Elle! I have been listed as a Shopify Expert for over six years now and have built 170+ Shopify stores in the last few years. I love working with entrepreneurs because they always have such a passion and excitement about their products and what they are creating! I want to be able to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to successfully sell their products online and that is why I created this course.

Take my online course and I will pass along my Shopify knowledge. Don’t worry, you are not alone! I will walk you through the process step-by-step so that you feel empowered and no longer overwhelmed. I can’t wait to meet you in the course!


In this course you will learn how to...


Setup your Shopify Store Preferences


Create Products 
& Collections


Create Main Pages for your Store


Setup a Blog & Add your 1st Post


Setup a Menu for your Store


Customize your Store Design


Easily Add in Shopify Apps


Finalize & Launch Your Store


Manage Your Recent Orders

Plus BONUS Content!


Create Designs with Canva.com for your Store & Social Media


Setup Sales Channels to Sell on Multiple Platforms


Lifetime Access to the Course


If you are looking to set up a Shopify site, this class is perfect! I had no clue where to even start so I am very thankful for Elle’s expertise. She walks you through the very beginning of set up and all the way to finally launching your shop. She was a great teacher and I am very excited to finish up my shop with Shopify.

- Meredith P.

This Course Is For You If…

This Course Is For You If…
  • ...You have a brick-and-mortar store or any product (jewelry, clothes, crafts, even dropshipping products) that you want to sell more of

  • ...You’ve been wanting to sell online for a while, but have been putting it off (because it looks... well, hard.)

  • ...You’d love to make enough income from your product to quit your job, or work less and spend more time with your family, or maybe even take that dream vacation to Disney (and party with Mickey in high-end style).

This Course Is For You If…

Take a Closer Look

at everything that you will learn in this online course.

This first module sets up the framework and settings for your Shopify store as well as gets you comfortable navigating the platform.

Included in this Module:

  • Introduction to Shopify
  • Payments & Checkout Settings
  • Shipping Settings
  • Tax Settings
  • Notification Settings
  • Misc Store Settings
  • Sales Channel Settings
  • Account & Billing Settings

Now that your store settings are configured we will be walking through the process of creating collections and products for our store.

Included in this Module:

  • Creating Store Collections
  • Adding in Products & Inventory
  • Using the Bulk Editor Tool
  • Exporting & Importing Products

In this module we will be building out more of the core pages of the site like your About Us, Contact and Return Policy pages.

Included in this Module:

  • Creating Pages for your Store
  • Adding Legal Pages to your Checkout area

We are going to be going through the process in this module of setting up a blog and adding in our first blog post.

Included in this Module:

  • Adding in Blog Posts
  • Editing your Blog Settings
  • Responding to Blog Comments

Everything starts to come today in this module and we are creating a menu using the Collections, Pages and Blog that we setup in previous modules.

Included in this Module:

  • Setting up a Menu

Now it starts getting fun and your start starts really taking shape! In this module we will go over how to find the right Shopify theme for your store and how to customize it.

Included in this Module:

  • Shopify Themes Overview
  • How to Find your Perfect Theme
  • Customizing your Theme Settings

Once your store is customized how you want the next step is to look at other areas where you need additional functionality on your site. We will be showing you how to navigate the Shopify App store as well as add in an app together.

Included in this Module:

  • Shopify Apps Overview
  • Adding in the Shopify Reviews App to your Store
  • Popular Shopify Apps We Like

We are going to actually launch your store in this module! First though we will go over some final settings and run a test order to make sure the store is ready before we launch.

Included in this Module:

  • Setting up Discount Codes
  • Creating a Test Order
  • Setting up a Domain
  • Finalizing your Store Preferences
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Setting up your Facebook Pixel

Now that your store has launched we will be covering in this module how to manage your store moving forward and how to fulfill an order.

Included in this Module:

  • Managing your Customers
  • Fulfilling Orders
  • Shopify Analytics & Reports

Ever wonder how you could get nicely designed images for your store and social media without hiring a designer or having to learn complicated design programs?

We have got you covered in this bonus training! In this training we will be walking you through the Canva.com software so you can create nicely designed images that match your branding in minutes.

Included in this Module:

  • How to Use a free Canva.com account to create custom images for your store, paid ads and social media images

Learn how to use the power of Shopify Sales Channels to feature your products on multiple platforms so it's even easier for people to purchase from you.

Included in this Module:

  • Facebook Sales Channel
  • Instagram Sales Channel
  • Buy Now Button Sales Channel
  • Facebook Messenger Sales Channel
  • Amazon Sales Channel


This course will have you up and running with your very own Shopify store in a weekend. Or, if you have your content, products and product photos ready to go, you can do it in one single day. Start any day you choose.

Only $297 for Lifetime Access!


You have lifetime access, so the course is yours to start and finish any time you want. But why not take action now, and see your first sales this week?








Ditch the overwhelm it's time for our step-by-step method that will have you creating your own Shopify store in just one weekend!


Is this online course right for me?

We will be honest, this course isn't for everyone. It will take time and dedication to launch your own online store.


This course will be great for you if:

- You have time available to go through the step-by-step course videos.

- You have access to a computer & internet connection.

- You have a product already or have an idea of what you want to sell.

- You are committed to going through the course videos and building your Shopify store alongside us.


This course isn't for you if:

- You don't have any free time available to create a business.

- You lack motivation to start a new project or business.

- You think you "already know everything" and aren't up to learning new things.

- You aren't willing to invest in yourself and your future and would rather take the long road and figure it out yourself.

What are you waiting for?

I want to help you create, launch and market your Shopify store so that you can create a business that gives you freedom and financial support.

There is only so much that I can teach with my free YouTube videos though.

So I've structured this course to take you step-by-step through the process of creating your Shopify store. I will be guiding you through every step of the way plus you can contact our team if you run into any questions or issues.

Yes, you could try and create your Shopify store on your own however this course provides an easier route that will save you time and money.


Questions? We've got Answers!

How long will the course take to complete?

There are multiple videos and worksheets but they are all setup to be bite-sized. You have lifetime access to this content so you can go at your own pace. However if you set aside some time you will be able to complete the course and launch your online store in a weekend!

What if I'm not tech savvy?

No problem! We walk you through everything step-by-step so you can easily follow along with the course and create your store at the same time.

What if I get really stuck on a step?

We are confident that you will be able to easily follow along with our video tutorials however, if you get stuck you can always contact us from inside the course and we will be happy to help!

What does the course include?

  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Access to the Course Videos & Worksheets
  • Email Support within 24 hours
  • Our 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Yes we currently offer the ability to pay in two payments billed once monthly.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

The proven techniques and step-by-step tutorials shared in this online course mean that we are confident you will successfully set up your store and improve your google ranking. However, if you’ve completed the first four modules of the course and truly feel that your Shopify store did not benefit from what you’ve learned and implemented, we are happy to offer your money back. 

Please send us an email at [email protected], within 15 days of purchasing the course, with your completed worksheets, as well as the login information to your Shopify store and we will review to see if you qualify.